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North Strip walk (9/7/2019)
Our club members with Elvis at the AVA National Convention (June 2019)
UNLV volksmarch (4/20/2019)
Sunset Park volksmarch (3/16/2019)
South Strip volksmarch (3/2/2019)
North Strip volksmarch (2/2/2019)
7 Hills volksmarch (1/52019)

Sunset Park group walk (11/17/2018)



Interstate 11 Grand Opening Walk (6/7/2018)

Traditional Event--South Strip/Town Square (4/7/2018)


Volksbike event (11/25/2017)

UNLV Volksmarch (11/11/2017)

Boulder City volksmarch (9/30/2017)

Mary's Tater Tour with many of our local club members (9/2017)

The group wearing our club shirts on Mary's Tater Tour of the mid west (9/10/2017)

lvvm121314Historic Downtown Las Vegas volksmarch

Green Valley Ranch volksmarch (4/1/2017)

Green Valley Ranch volksmarch (4/1/2017)

vm unlv2014

UNLV Volksmarch

Sunset Park volksmarch (3/18/2017)